Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management & Research offers a 2-year full-time MBA program approved by AICTE.

Program Highlights


  • The MBA Programme of CPIMR is based on semester pattern, with four semesters constituting two academic years, and each academic year having two semesters.
  • AICTE approved.
  • It covers both core and specialization courses as well as field work.
  • Specialization courses fall under at least one of the three functional areas of business: finance, human resources, and marketing
  • Non-Credit Course: An intensive and exhaustive month-long orientation programme will be conducted through the Induction (ANUSTHAPAN) and Foundation programme (PRARAMBH).
  • ANUSTHAPAN would provide an overview of the institute and the pedagogy & rigor involved in completing the MBA programme besides insights from business leaders and alumni.
  • PRARAMBH will offer fundamental knowledge in certain subjects that would help students to understand the concept better when actual sessions commence.
  • The first-year students are offered Advance Skills Acquisition Programme (ASAP), a as non-credit non-mandatory course. The programme will provide students with a window to how the business world works.

Program Structure

  • Duration of the Programme: 2 years
  • Total Credits: 116 credits
  • 1 credit = 10 hours
  • Each course/subject will be of 4 credits (40 hours)
  • The first year of MBA will cover 56 credits while the second year will have 60 credits.
  • Contact hours will include work relating to Lecture, Tutorial and Project (LTP), where the academic institution can exercise flexibility to decide course wise requirements.