Name: Dr. Vaidehi Shukla

Designation: Assistant Professor

Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Commerce), MBA (Marketing), (Banking & Finance). B. Com (Account & Finance), PGDHRM 

Academic Experience (In years):

Mail id:

Brief profile:

With over 9-years of experience in teaching versatile subject areas, Vaidehi is a full-time academician.  Currently, she is handling various profiles including the placements at Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management & Research.  She is interested in case research, broadly in the areas of Marketing and Entrepreneurship including Grassroots Innovation, Social entrepreneurship. She has published cases in various journals and books. Her interests include Painting, travelling and gardening. 

Names of previous Academic Affiliations:

  • N.R. Institute of Business Management 
  1. Umiya college for commerce and BBA

Subjects Taught: (At CPIMR)

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Sales & Distribution Management 
  • Marketing Management
    1. Product & Brand Management
    2. Management Information Systems
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 


  • Cases:
  • Shah, P., Mitra, S. & Shukla, V. (2022) , “Factors influencing consumers’ adoption of e-pharmacy.” Empirical Economics Letters, Vol 21, (Special Issue 2)

  • Shukla, V. Singh, A.S., (2021) “In Search of Marketing Needs for Grassroots Innovation: Evidence from Rural India”, Empirical Economics Letters, Vol 20 (Special Issue 1)

  • Shukla, V. Singh, A.S , “An Eco-Friendly Venture, Farm Se: In Search of a Sustainable Business Model.”, Studies in Indian Place Names Vol.40, (Special issue 8)
  1. The case titled; “Grassroots Innovation for Indian Farmers: A Study of the Market Strategies for Bullet Santi in Ahmedabad Rural” was presented in absentia at the

  • For Chapter in a book:
  1. Shukla, V., Bavisia P & Patil J (2022) “Effect of brand image on consumer taste in organic products concerning Generation Z”, Resilient and Sustainable Businesses: An Indian Perspective, Lambert Academic Publishing
  1. Shukla, V, Shah, R & Khatri R (2021) “A study on problems and challenges of Handicraft industry in Gujarat”, Innovative management practices in uncertain times- an Indian perspective, Lambert Academic Publishing
  1. Shukla, V. (2020) “Marketing perspective of NB Visa World’s 25 years of excellence”, Strategic challenges in small business

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