Name: Dr. Swati Saxena

Designation:  Assistant Professor

Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Commerce), MBA (Marketing), MPhil., BBA, UGC -NET (Management)

Academic Experience: 18 Years

Industry Experience: 1 Year

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Brief profile: Experience in teaching majorly all the subjects in Management. One who believes in generating value through symbiotic learning environment.


Names of previous Industry Affiliations: 

  1. Standard Chartered Finance Limited


Names of previous Academic Affiliations: 

  • KSSBM, Gujarat university
  1. CPIBA, Gujarat University


Subjects Taught: (At CPIMR)

    1. Principles of management
    2. Production Management
    3. Business Ethics
    4. Mercantile Law
    5. Services Marketing
    6. Research Methodology
    7. Sales & Distribution Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Retailing and Franchising



  • Research Papers:
  • Saxena, S., Mitra, S. (2021). Retail Store Choice for Consumers in Food & Grocery Segment: Review & Agenda. Empirical Economic Letters,ABDC indexed journal
  • Saxena,Shah,Pandit,Gupta(2021),Employees Readiness for Mergers and Its Impact on Employees Satisfaction’ Performance and Client,Empirical Economic Letters,ABDC indexed journal
  • Saxena S(2020)‘How does brand matter in sportswear industry?’, International Research Journal of Commerce, Arts and Science, ISSN 2319 – 9202, vol 10, issue 10
  • Raval A,Saxena S(2020)‘A COHORT STUDY OF MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS TOWARDS FITNESS TRAINING SERVICES IN AHMEDABAD CITY, Int. J. of Services, Economics, and Management, Inderscience (Scopus Indexed Journal),(in print), Accepted in December 2020.
  • Saxena S,Bhatt S(2020) Published a paper titled ‘A Study on Unauthorized Transaction and Caveat for Consumer using ATM Card’ Journal Global Management Review (GMR) [ISSN: 0973-9947]. Vol 14, Issue 2 December 2020.
  • Raval A,Saxena S(2020)Presented a paper titled Carbon Risk: Associative study of large scale CDM projects of energy sector in India in ‘Chau pal, Vedatya Online international conference’, 27th & 28th November 2020.
  • Saxena S, Limbad A(2021)Published Consumption change of household food habits pre and post lockdown during covid 19: a perspective study of Gujarat and Maharashtra, GAP interdisciplinarities – Volume – IV Issue II,April – June 2021,A Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, (ISSN – 2581-5628)
  •  Saxena N, Saxena S,(2013)‘Phoenix of Retail Sector in India and scope of FDI in Retail, Global Journal of management and research Journal,2278-0955,
  • Saxena N, Saxena S(2014)”Corporate Governance: Need for Reform”,National Seminar on Ethics and Ethos in Management,Faculty of Management Studies, Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research University published in, SPHERT, ISSN 2277 – 9809 (0) 2348 – 9359 (P)Volume 5 Issue 6, the Year 2014
  • Saxena S(2013)Paradigm change of leaders, from transformational leadership to super leadership’, presented at National Seminar on “Relevance of Bhartiya education system in the present context”, Gujarat University and Vidyabahrati,978-81-906373-0-5,
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  • Saxena N, Saxena S(2014), ‘Corporate Governance, Violation of Human Rights, Crime and Indian Government’, International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Practice (ICMRP-2014)”Research and Scientific Innovation Society, Australia ǀ Thailand ǀ India,”30th November 2014 at Ahmedabad Management Association, ATIRA Campus, IIM-A Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.” ISSN 2321-2705″Volume I Issue VII
  •  Saxena N, Saxena S(2014),CSR activities: The need for sustainable business and its effect on the Brand image “International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI), International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal” A Unit of International Standards Publication (ISP is  an imprint of the Research and Scientific Innovation Society (RSIS)),       Approved by National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources (NISCAIR), ISSN 2321-2705
  • Saxena N, Saxena S(2014),‘Corporate Social Responsibility, Advertisement & Branding – Frauds- Ethics’,   Printed in -international Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation ISSN: 2321 – 2705 (Online) is an international peer-reviewed, internationally referred, online, open-access journal published monthly. Volume II & Issue VIII.” A Unit of International Standards Publication (ISP is an imprint of the Research and Scientific Innovation Society (RSIS)2nd  International Conference  On   Corporate Governance: Contemporary Issues & Challenges in Indian Economic Environment,14th  & 15th  March 2014  Gujarat Technological University
  • Saxena S ,Hasan (2016)‘Advent of the retail sector in Indian economy: a perspective across   decade’, IJRCMjournal(monthly double blind peer reviewed(refereed/juried) volume(6) ,2016, issue  9 September 2016,issn 2231-4245
  • Saxena S ,Hasan (2017),’ Retailing: a study of food and grocery segment in Ahmedabad retail market, with respect to trade area analysis’, Inspira- journal of modern management & entrepreneurship ISSN: 23167x, (print), (impact factor: 2.0778). Volume 07 no. 02,  April 2017
  •  Saxena S(2017)‘Gauging the retail format choice parameters for food & grocery’, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH for ​1st December, 201​​​7 issue ISSN 2249 – 555X, Dec-17
  • Saxena S(2018)“A study of factors affecting brand switching for processed and packed ready-to-cook food packs”, GFJMR, Bi-annual Refereed Journal of Faculty of Management Studies, Ganpat University (GNU-FMS), ISSN 2229 -4651.
  • Saxena S (2018)‘Understating the retail parameters with a view to flagship store creed’, Journal of Business Management & Social Sciences Research, ISSN: 2319-5614, May 2018 issue.
  • Saxena S(2019)‘Generation ‘Z’- The segment of contest for marketers’, Advances in Management, E-ISSN: 2278-4551, Vol. 12 (2) June (2019), included in ProQuest.

  • Cases :


  • Surabhi Packers & Movers -Case study (519-0108-1)& Teaching Note (519-0108-8) Published at Case Centre, with reference number, link 2019), published in ‘Strategic business Perspectives: A Collection of compact case studies ISBN:978-93-5361-636-6(January 2020)
  • Decathlon the “Many Thing”(Case)CASE-Reference no. 519-0169-1&Decathlon the “Many Thing”(Case) (Teaching note) with reference 519-0169-8, Link: 2020)
  • Kalory to Kabhi B: Business Expansion Strategies (Case) with reference 320-0110-1published at Case Centre on 5th May 2020.
  • 360 Financial Services: Sink or Swim 820-0052-1 published case at Case Centre on 13th August 2020.
  • A Case Study on retail location decision: Gift a ‘Cherie’, published in UGC care listed journal, International Research Journal of Management Sociology & Humanities, ISSN 2277 – 9809, Vol 11, issue9,, Page(s): 180 – 185

  • Books / Chapters in a Book :


  • A chapter titled “Bloom’s Taxonomy in higher education”, Published by Author Press Publication,2018, titled ‘The class act’, ISBN-13: 9789387651760.
  • A chapter titled “The role of Vedas in higher education”, Published by Author Press Publication,2019, titled ‘To Change or To Be a Change: Paradox of Higher Education in India, ISBN: 9789388332217.
  • “Digitalization of selected banking services-What is the consumer’s take? Excel India Publishers, isbn:978-81-943641-3-9, excel publishers


Achievements, Awards & Honours: 


  • Have been ranked in the top 10% of authors whose papers are downloaded on SSRN in 2017,2018
  • I have been ranked amongst the top 10% of authors as per total downloads on SSRN for two consecutive years 2017&2018.


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