Name: Dr. Dipti Saraf

Designation: Assistant Professor

Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. (Management), MBA  (Finance), B.Sc. (Statistics), 

Academic Experience: 11 years

Industry Experience: 3 Years

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Brief profile:

Dr. Dipti Saraf is assistant professor at Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management and Research with over 14 years of industry and academic experience. She has done her doctoral research in management. Her Post Graduation is in management with a specialization in Finance. She has more than two years of corporate experience in fundamental security analysis and one year in sales. She is a full-time academician for more than nine years. She has attended FDP organised by NDIM and GTU. Her research work and Key interest areas are primarily in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, Stock Market and Banking. She has presented various research papers at national and international conferences and has published material in several journals.


Names of previous Industry Affiliations: 

  1. Monarch projects and Finmarket Ltd (Sr. Fundamental Research Analyst)
  2. Latin Manharlal Securities Pvt. Ltd (Fundamental Research Analyst)
  3. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance (Associate Financial Service Manager)


Names of previous Academic Affiliations:

  1. Shayona Institute of Business Management (GTU)
  2. B.K. Majumdar Institute of Business Administration (Ahmedabad University)  


Subjects Taught: (At CPIMR)

  1. Corporate Restructuring and Valuation
  2. Financial Derivatives
  3. Corporate Finance
  4. Banking
  5. International Business
  6. Managerial Accounting
  7. Economics for Manager



  • Research Papers:
    • Saraf, D., & Baser, N. (2023). Influence of fear on purchase of health insurance. Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 1-10.
    • Saraf, D., & Sinha, M. (2022). DEMERGERS IN INDIA: DO THEY ADD VALUE TO THE SHAREHOLDERS’ WEALTH?. Special Education, 1(43).
    • Saraf, D., Munjpara, K., & Patel, P. (2022). Influence of Green Banking in India: Ahmedabad City. Drishtikon: A Management Journal, 13(1).
    • Amin, U. Saraf, D. (2021) How a Disaster opens boundaries for development: Potential of Payments bank in India. Flusser studies, Multilingual Journal for Cultural And Media Theory.
    • Saraf, D. (2014) Impact of foreign institutional investor on CNX Nifty” International Journal of Role of Financial Industry in Accelerating Economic Growth, Vol No 1 (2014), ISBN 978-81-9237-874-9, 50-56
    • Saraf, S., Saraf, D. (2020). Financial behavior of indian women entrepreneurStudies in Indian Place Names, Vol. 40, No. 8 (2020) 
    • Khairajani, D., Saraf, D. (2020). Testing Efficient Market Hypothesis in present Indian Stock MarketStudies in Indian Place Names, Vol. 40, No. 8 (2020)
    •  Vyas, P., Pathak, B. V., & Saraf, D. (2015). Impact of Demerger Announcement on Shareholder Value Evidences from India. Journal of Management & Public Policy, 7(1).

  • For Chapter in a book:
  • Dipti“Do Demerger Add Value? A Case Based in Indian Context”. Research Trends in Economics, Finance & General Management (2017) a book published by Excel India Publisher, ISBN:978-93-86256-75-1
    • Dipti S. and Fenee P. titled Managing People at Siddhi Industries in Strategic Challenges in Small Businesses: A Collection of Compact Cases, Published by CPIMR case center ISBN 978-93-5406-237-7

  • Achievements, Awards & Honours: 
    • Best Paper Award in ANVESH, a doctoral conference conducted by the Institute of Management, Nirma University, April 2017.
    • Best Paper (1st Runner up) in SIMSARC’18, international research conference conducted by Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune, December 2018  


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